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    This is advisable for people who have lean bodies. Smoking would only add years to your face and take years off of your life expectancy. The dirty reality is that you are shortening your life if you choose to smoke.If a reaction were to occur, it would more than likely be a minor stomach upset or perhaps a rash. Look out further and give international anti aging systems a try. If you are familiar with MLM compensations then you can certainly appreciate coded bonuses.In the case of men, their active sebaceous glands make them produce more oil than women's, which can be the perfect breeding ground for blackheads, breakouts, bacteria and other unsightly skin problems. It comes in an oral spray; spraying once on your tongue and ingesting it is the normal regiment for this. Collagen keeps your anti aging skin firm and prevents sagging. Luxe Revival But, if your only goal is to eliminate age spots, then you might want to try one of the other two ingredients.