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    CFD New Version Content Foresight

    A new patch for Clash for Dawn International is coming! It introduces Ultimate Dragon Skills and Global Ranking Tournament, so you will be able to unleash powerful skills against players from all over the world!

    Command your dragon to rule the Universe
    Unlocks at: Level 46
    1.Dragon Skills can be used in battle;
    2.When a skill is on cooldown, tap the skill to use gems to finish the cooldown immediately;
    3.Every player starts with 0 cooldowns resets, and VIP1 starts with 1. Increasing VIP level to get more resets, with VIP18 getting 5 resets.
    4.Skill damage only concerns battle dragons.

    Dragon Skills:

    Shadow Dragon Dodge/Recovery
    Shadow Dragons summon smoke screens over an area to increase dodge and recovers some HP.

    Rockback Dragon Damage/Increase Armor

    Rockback Dragons attack with sand storms over an area to deal damage to enemies and increase a certain amount of armor for the character.

    Vipertooth Dragon Damage/Decrease Armor
    Vipertooth Dragons attack with vines over an area to deal damage to enemies and decrease enemy armor.

    Fireball Dragon Damage/Increase Damage
    Fireball Dragons attack with fire over an area to deal high damage to enemies and increase character damage.

    Global Ranking Tournament opens a new PVP Era

    Unlocks at: Level 46
    Season Period: 00:00 on the 1st of every month to 23:59:59 on the 25th of every month (GMT)

    1.Season runs from 00:00 on the 1st of every month to 23:59:59 on the 25th of every month (GMT). Players can participate every day during the season and has 10 challenges per day.

    2.Enter the Global Ranking Tournament Lobby and tap Match to for the system to find suitable opponents.
    3.Rewards will be given out after every victory. The system will also award a certain amount of “S” based on the length of the battle. An “S Pack” can be redeemed with every 10 S obtained.
    4.Treasure Chests won after battles take a certain period of time to unlock. Higher chests will take longer, but players can use gems to speed up the waiting period.
    5.Defeat opponents to win trophies and get promoted to higher tiers. Players can view Tier rewards during the season. At the end of the season, players will get more rewards via mail based on their Tier.
    6.Trophies are awarded with every victory and taken away with every defeat.

    1. Dragons unique skill
    2. The world qualifying, the world ladder
    3. Add buff reminders
    4. add the countdown function before the start of arenas
    5. Add one hour without reminder when Athena Questionnaire online
    6. small map function
    7. add level 90 world boss
    8. Fixed bugs and optimised experience

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    Huge update! finally something to look forward to, haha but not gonnna spend anymore money to beat those server 1 players


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      seems people whose above vip 12 / big spender will get 99% bigger chance to win.

      Correct me if i wrong.


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        It will be the same as every time: player who still have all and are powerful get more and more and more ... casual players have no chance


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          Looks to be a promising update that incorporates a much bigger scale, hope this will run smoothly.
          @ The people complaining about people who's higher VIP level... you spend more, you get more. Just as if you play casually, then you receive casual rewards. The developers has created multi faceted events to gear towards all sorts of players of different VIP level, power levels, etc. We still have to remember that this IS a business and a competitive game, some spends more to receive more. There's variations of casual players as well, the ones that logs on once in while, whilst others spend much more time playing and achieve higher rewards.
          You don't see the higher VIP or powerful players complain about the Demon Raid event that they didn't have the time for, because it's geared towards the more casual or time abundant players.
          Server 11 Merina
          - NormanZ


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            This update made my dragons disappear. I cannot access them. Although my gearscore remains the same. Also going into dungeons crashes the game. As of right now I can't log into the game. I can get as far as the character select screen but as soon as I select one the game closes. I tried uninstalling the game but that does not help.
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              I became a Beta tester in the clash for Dawn for nothing because when I did the update of the game and went to open it was closing alone.


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                Hi all:

                How soon this update will be released?

                God Bless


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                  So far the new "update" sucks. Before the game would occasionally crash but now it makes my iPad crash. Literally sends me back to the sign in screen where I have to enter my security code. It does this EVERY TIME I log in to play and does so after approximately 45 seconds. What the heck?! Fix it please or lose a customer.


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                    I cant recive treasure map in xp dungeon after update (


                    • #11
                      new update link pls send to me


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                        hi staff. your can add wing flag from argentina. it possible add. i no wan use wing row. thx for this nice game.


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                          The last update is a disaster for most players.
                          There was a bug where player got 5k gems after each login.
                          I know that some players abused this bug up to 900k gems simply by loging in and out continuousely.
                          This is the point where the ballance and fairness for all players is destroyed.
                          You should make a rollback to the last version prior to the last update on tuesday and refund all transactions made from this time.
                          A lot of players are going to quit the game completely. From my point of view it is not very professional to implement updates with bugs that have such big impact to the gaming ballance.


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                            Hola,como consigo el skill de dragón por favor.


                            • aritomfra
                              aritomfra commented
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                              hola no se bien pero creo que debes tener un dragon en estrella azul. creo que desde ahi se desbloquea para cada dragon. suerte y el lo qu creo igual estoy como tu sin poder habilitarlo

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                            Ateş büyücülerinin dragon skill de bari sersemletme olsaydı