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New Feature: Refinement

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  • New Feature: Refinement

    This week we bring you the Refinement feature! Read on to find out more.
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    • Refine items
    There are 2 types of Refinement: Basic and Perfect. Basic Refinement requires Medals of Brave and Medals of Conqueror are required for Basic, and Perfect requires an additional Refinement Stone to guarantee the Refinement quality.
    • Refinement Attributes
    Each piece of equipment can come with up to 4 Refinement Attributes, with each slot having its unique attribute (please check the slots in game to see which attributes are unique). Refinement Quality is divided into Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold. Higher quality means the attributes will be better. Perfect Refinement guarantees Purple or above.
    • Refinement Process
    Players may choose to keep the refined attributes or discard if it’s not something they wanted.
    • Refinement Stones
    This is the required item for Perfect Refinement, which guarantees Purple attribute or above. Participate in Events or future new modes to get Refinement Stones.
    • Protection Token
    Protection Tokens lock attributes from being refined and is the most effective way if you only want to refine a single attribute. Purchase the materials for Protection Token from the Store!

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