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Tower of Babel is here!

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  • Tower of Babel is here!

    Tower of Babel is here!
    Take your challenge to new heights!

    Background Story
    In order to converse with the God, people agreed to build a tower to reach the Heavens. But God found out about the plan and was shocked by how powerful they are when united, so he separated by giving them different languages. Unable to communicate with one another, the construction, which was difficult to start with, failed and people scattered.

    Conquering the Tower
    As the ancient wings awaken, their resonance with the Tower grows stronger. But the powerful monsters also know about this and have occupied the Tower in order to monopolize the ancient power. Chosen Ones that want to take the power back must be prepared to conquer the monsters in the tower!

    Tower of Babel mainly consists of single-player dungeons, and Chosen Ones can bring their powerful mercenaries. Watch your rewards pile up as you conquer more floors, and compete with other players to show your battle prowess!

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