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  • Weekly Updates0327

    1.Dragon Legends V
    Requirement:Lvl. 71
    Those who reach Lvl. 71 and complete Dragon Legend Quest IV can automatically get the dungeon quest. Kill all the monsters in the dungeon to get excellent rewards. But be careful of Dragon: Blood eye of 【Strength】, as it has the ability to improve Physical Damage, which makes it very difficult to defeat if you don't have high damage and health. So team up with players that have high damage to clear this dungeon in no time!

    2.New main dungeon missions are available at Mercenary Legends! Angeli follower introduces an honorable mercenary. She is Fran the Lightheart. She will pick her the bravest challenger as her master. Complete the corresponding missions to get awesome rewards. Warriors, if you want to be her master, enter the battle now!
    Level requirement: Level 70
    Quota: Each player can only complete the mission1 times
    Stage rewards: 400000 XP, 200000 Coin, Angeli Protection fragment x 5 and Pact: Holy Heart x1

    3.Equipment turns on refinement feature.
    -Each Equipment can have 4 refinement attributes at most.
    -Refinement attributes can be refreshed via refinement and
    -Every equipment has an exclusive and rare attribute on its slot.
    -Refinement attributes are divided into 4 qualities, namely green, blue, purple, orange and gold. The higher the quality, the better the attributes.
    -Perfect refinement must produce attributes of purple or better quality.

    Other Updates
    1.Skill improvement of Guardian Knights and Temple Knights
    -Adjustment and improvement of Normal Attack;
    -Lagging time of Thunder Strike is shortened.

    2.Add a Wing Ranking. Champion of the day can get a rare title “Holy Wings”

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    Do not you care about Pro game? The server gives South America 5, 6 and 7 are bankrupt of players in need of an urgent union, why do not you say to check the servers and make the union? Soon I'll stop. D also play why make the same daily every day and have nothing else to do is fuck, outside that has no PvP on this server.


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      Создайте Тему для голосования! В которой вы все кто играете не по одиночке а все сразу ! попросите чтоб Вас объединили в один сервер чтоб Вам было интереснее играть итд ! если вы Только один будите выступать о СОЮЗЕ - Слиянии Серверов то вас и не услышат =)
      НАС сегодня Объединяют Катюша

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    Delayed as usual, and still showing 0.55 instead of 0.56, any news? Inventory items can't be disposed of not dropped which is strange, please put a permanent fix to it by allowing sell or drop tomwork