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Win awesome in-game rewards! Guild History Event

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  • Win awesome in-game rewards! Guild History Event

    The chance for you to showcase how awesome your guild is here! Do you have something you want to share with everyone about your guild? Write a post about your guild memories and stand to win awesome rewards! It can be about an incident that happened in the guild, guild events, team battles or even just your overall feeling towards the guild since you joined. Get your guildmates to enter into this contest with you and win for your whole guild!

    Contest Period

    14th August 2016 to 31st August 2016
    Entries submitted outside of this period would not be considered for the contest.


    For the Coolest Entries
    Top 3 per region; guildmates of the winner entries who participated in the contest will get the rewards too!
    1st Place (WORTH 3457 GEMS!):
    500,000 Coins
    1 x Coolest Guild Card (120 gems/day for 7 days)
    1 x Lvl. 4 Damage Stone
    3 x Lvl.70 Golden Magic Scroll Fragment
    20 x Red Romance
    Cool Guild Title
    2nd Place (WORTH 2273 GEMS!):
    300,000 Coins
    1 x Pretty Guild Card (100 gems/day for 7 days)
    2 x Lvl. 3 Bloodstone
    2 x Lvl.70 Golden Magic Scroll Fragment
    10 x Red Romance
    3rd Place (WORTH 1331 GEMS):
    100,000 Coins
    1 x Bright Guild Card (80 gems/day for 7 days)
    1 x Lvl. 3 Sapphire
    1 x Lvl.70 Golden Magic Scroll Fragment
    5 x Red Romance

    For the Guilds with the most number of entries
    2 Guilds per region; only guildmates who participate in the contest will get the rewards. (WORTH 1402 GEMS!)

    200,000 Coins
    Active Guild Card (50 gems/day for 7 days)
    1 x Lvl. 3 Damage Stone
    50 x Dragon Stone
    5 x Red Romance

    How to Enter
    1. If you have not done so, create a forum account. State the server and region you are in, plus your in-game name in your profile.
    2. One of your guild representative must create a guild topic in the Guild section of the forum, in the correct region:
    3. State the server number/name and guild name in the title of the topic, e.g. “[ASIA SERVER 8] – LEGACYS8”
    4. Guild members to post only in their guild topic.
    5. Share the memories you have of your guild!
    6. Get your friends to join as well
    1. Please abide by the Main Forum Rules:
    2. Only posts related to that guild posted in the guild topic would be accepted and considered for the contest.
    3. Duplicate posts would not be counted.
    4. Where more than one topic about the same guild is found, we would only consider the topic with the most number of posts. If the guild leader notices a topic about his guild that is not created by one of his guild members, please PM ShortWallsLG with proof and the incorrect topic would be closed and deleted.
    5. Be creative! Post with pictures or even videos
    6. Offensive content would be deleted and the user would be banned from the forum.
    7. You can submit guild memories that occurred before the content period, however forum entries posted after contest ends would not be considered (but you can continue to post your awesome guild memories in the forum! ).
    8. Winners will be contacted after the winning entries are chosen, and if necessary would have to verify details submitted during the contest.
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    Questions which you have related to the event would be posted and answer here! Just comment in this topic if you have any queries

    Can I use my in-game username and password to login to the forum?
    Unfortunately you can't. To post and access the forum, you would have to create a new account in the forum. For us to know who you are in the game, please state your in-game name and server+region in your profile.
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    • dakspirit
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      short why i can't log in my accnt in here? need to create new account for this section?

    • Cairom
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      Hi, when I try to save posts signature I see error that I didnt write nothing.

    • Tihuana
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      Ola quando ira ter outro servidor no south america ?

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    Hi, I have question about language of posts. We are polish guild so for event in our topic we can write in polish or english. Topic is called Terranneum Server 1 GROM. Thank guys for answer.


    • ShortWallsLG
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      Hi Cairom, if it is more convenient for you please write your post in Polish. However, please refrain from using shortforms in Polish as we would need to translate it to English to review it. Thank you

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    STRIKE guild
    Since I've been playing Brotherhood has never won a guild war. But last week 8/13 Brotherhood won guild war. It happened to be the guild im in. STRIKE. The coolest part is that i got my frags for golden Weapon and finally made my guild gold Weapon. Go STRIKE.


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      Guild Leader of STRIKE. USA server 9. I been in this guild since the begining. Just got promoted to leader i hope i make the game fun for everyone. Help build my guildmates to all be stronger ❤ together. I love all my friends on CFD.


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        When should we anticipate winners to be announced?
        Server 11 Merina
        - NormanZ


        • Lori
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          No news ;(

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        I hope next update theres a new pvp map... 😊😊😊


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          Dear Chosen Ones,

          The forum event Guild History has officially ended. Please be patient as we judge the posts and tabulate the scores as we want to ensure that the results are as fair as possible. We thank everyone for participating in our first ever forum event, please continue to support and look out for more of such events in the future as we dish out more ways to reward our loyal players
          ShortWallsLG | Asia Pacific Server 8 | Member of WestGateParkz | Moderator


          • Lori
            Lori commented
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            Where rewards?? ;(

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          Errm its been 2 weeks now..what happend?


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            There are any news about it? When we will know who won?


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              Guys, for the last time, we are manually tabulating results and shortlisting them. Give us some time and we will announce it when we are ready. I will close this thread until the results are out.
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