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Planned Server Outage 11/24

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  • Planned Server Outage 11/24

    Chosen One,

    Thanks for your dedication in the fight to reclaim dawn. There will be a planned server outage so that we can improve your playing experience. The game will be down Tuesday November 24
    • Asia Pacific: 4 pm to 7 pm CFD time
    • North America: 1 am to 4 am CFD time
    • South America: 3 am to 6 am CFD time
    • Europe: 8 am to 11 am CFD time
    What’s new:
    • New Grade SS Mercenary: Scher the Guardian
    • New Grade S Mercenary: Legend Holylight Ross
    • Top-up event for this week: Daily Purchase Bonus, Booster Package, Roulette of Gems
    • Thanksgiving Event starts!
    • Improved Dungeon page into "Solo" and "322 Team" parts
    • Win 322 Pack by completing all team dungeon and Evil Dragon dungeon with the same team. It is also available at the store
    • Evolvement and Guard Ines are available at Lvl.60 now. Reduced number of monsters per wave.
    • New Mercenary equipment Fast Equip function
    • Optimized Mercenary Rune and Inscription
    • Optimized completion time of "Instant Complete x 10"
    • Optimized "Sell" function
    • Optimized horn purchase, new gem tips
    • Demon Raid will be available at Lvl.15 now
    • New Guild War Preparation Pack available on Thur, Fri and Sat
    • Unlocked Achievement System
    • Improved attribute for Purple and Orange equipment (Random value)
    • Daily Gem Pack is available at mailbox without the need to get online
    • New Evil Dragon and Team mission at Faction Quest
    The next time you log in after the maintenance you will find a gift that can be claimed from the Special Envoy, the NPC in City of Luxis!

    - Clash for Dawn Community Team

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    Hi Eleanor,

    Regarding updates to Evolution and Guard Ines available at level 60, can we have more explanation to this? Will this be an add on to what we have, or will this replace totally of the level 75 one we have now? From what I see, reduction of wave monster certainly reduces the amber drops, and making this available from level 60 onward in my opinion is certainly going to spark dissent among higher level players.

    Also, regarding improved stats for orange and purple equipment, will this be applied to all existing items as well, or only to new items? Again, for players who have already exchanged their gears will not be very happy to hear this.
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    "If they catch you, they will kill you. But first, they have to catch you."
    - Richard Adams in Watership Down


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      Im bactor the actualy top 1 at south América server 1. Ir you doping this principally down the level of envolvement to lv 60 is a huge lack of respect WITH your high lv players!! We train hard to get lv 75 to become more strong and you wanna downgrade the lv to unluck evolution to 60???? Day by day e are losing the love for this game! We train hard and you take out our advantage. We invest moveu and time cause we believe in this game but all day os becoming worse!


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        We want one increased Number of monster at Inês to get more ambars! Not one diminuition in the mumber of monsters


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          I'm IrannGhost.
          An addicted top rank South America SV player and VIP 12.
          I'm leader of RipCurl with Gelado and Bactor himself.

          We love the game and it's actual difficulty level.
          You guys bringing down evolvement and Guard Ines availability to Lvl.60 and reducing number of monsters per wave IS A TOTAL LACK OF RESPECT with all top rank players.

          I warn you guys, we love the game, but we will not hesitate to sue Apple and Google in order to be reimbursed the total amount spent by dissatisfaction with the changes reported in the update.
          We hope from heart that the awesome LEDO staff/crew has ingame compensation for us.

          Please, provide us more information and some explanation on what are the plans for a near future.

          Rainer Eduardo Lopez


          • NorianAnt
            NorianAnt commented
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            Hey guys i'm NorianAnt from South America Server, i agree with all what Iran told and the staff at least should give us a explanation. I hope to see something as soon as possible.

            Kind Regards,

          • Heinz
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            Hello, I'm Heinz player from South America Server and I totally agree with IrranGhost/Bactor told about this problem. We love play and we hope Ledo fix this because It's no fair and we spend money and time for appreciate this game.


          • Jiipr
            Jiipr commented
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            Absolutely agree here, this is ridiculous, all these updates are aimed at all these lower players, and then on top of everything you make more servers.. So now we don't have any new players and your just helping the lower ones catch the hard working dedicated players easier.. Friggen ridiculous if you ask me!

            Vice of Evolution

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            just watch Tetsui


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              Indeed !
              I agree with Bactor and IrannGhost


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                I agree with Bactor and Irann, respect me and others players for the mega ultra working to up 75 ! If this update happen, I will stop too kthxbye


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                  I agree with Bactor and IrannGhost, estoy muy decepcionado, es una falta de respeito com los players que eston em la situacion del lv75
                  "I agree with Bactor and IrannGhost"

                  CANCEL UP AMBAR LV60.


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                    i dont understand how its unfair? its giving little guys a chance to catch up somehow. plus its reducing waves to make it harder to get and keep the elite still up top a bit


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                      I see only rip complaining let it go, just so the game will become more excited stop complaining and desert will want to kill you kk


                      • NorianAnt
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                        Low level talking!!

                      • Tetsui
                        Tetsui commented
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                        silent cardboard

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                      Hi there!

                      I'm MavisVermilion, a Shaman player on South America Server. I took some time to post this because I was trying to understand the reason why you guys changed the item evolvement level to 60 and I didn't find any.
                      I think that's totally disrespectful with players that have already reached lv75 once it's supposed to be a "reward" for being able to get a Grade 4 class. It's totally unfair to enable this feature to players like me (lv71) who haven't had the same dedication to unlock this feature before the other players did.
                      There are some changes that are great for the game and I admire the fact that you guys like to discuss with other players in the forum to provide the best experience for us in-game, but I must say that this one AND the change you made to craft the guild weapon (people who have done it before the update didn't have to collect olden fragments making it a lot easier to be done) is not one of them. This kind of update is the reason why I don't spend money in this kind of game to become a VIP.




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                        almost everyone who say they are in the same guild, the player that are in lv 75 are 3 and 3 belong to guild Ripcurl, I do not see reason for such drooling leaves the player evolve or you fear dying to a low level, wanted to see if all the players were of the same level would have this drooling, I would love it all. Tetsui vip 12 server in South America.
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                          This is an absolutely outrage for anyone level 75+ for you to drop the evolvement down 15 levels, especially because after 70 it's almost a full week per level! So all of us who worked out asses off to get here and get the Amber % boost are out the window.. So now we will be getting less Amber and now people 15 levels lower then us will be evolving and getting a great amount of Amber for themselves.. This isn't fair at all, and the only one who thinks so is tetsui because clearly he is a low level chump..

                          If you are going along with such a ridiculous update at least give us 75+ a different ines which is more powerful with more Amber, or a certain type of Amber that has extra upgrade bonus' or make another evolvement class for 75 so we can all evolved again... You guys keep coming up with half ass updates, maybe you need to start asking the people what we want instead of bringing out stupid updates like dropping evolvement 15 levels, and making us do 85+ DR for 5-10 mins and only get 40k exp and that's if you get last kill otherwise you get 10-15.. Like give you heads a shake.. Maybe you guys you start looking into getting s few more brains on your ideas team because the ones in their now clearly don't know what day it is...

                          Vice of Evolution