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[Guide] Guard Ines

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  • [Guide] Guard Ines

    What is Guard Ines?
    This is another daily dungeon, available once per day, used to collect amber. For those who played tower defense games this dungeon should be familiar to you. Rules are simple, defend the statue named Ines from 20 waves of monsters. If you complete all 20 waves, the rewards at the end is to be able to open all 4 cards, which contains 60, 40, 25 and 10 amber respectively.

    How to do Ines?

    1. Map of Ines (the actual map is vertical rather than horizontal)

    S 2..............................S
    S 1...........................4 O
    S 3..............................S

    S > Spawn points of monster
    O > Ines Statue
    1-4 > Players according to strength

    2. Strategy
    The idea is that to split the team into lanes to cover the waves of monsters coming in. The wave from the middle lane will be the biggest and usually accompanied by a boss. Following that will be the right lane and the left lane. The player standing with Ines will be cleaning up any leakage if any and also the spawns from both sides. The number 4 position is also where you will be spawning if you revive. The first 11 waves are fairly simple, and only comparable to your daily dungeon mobs. You should try to minimize damage taken and not dying. However on wave 12 things starts to go bat shit crazy and beware, it will lag your game. Players 1-3 should retreat back to Ines if given the scenario that there is a significant leak or if you are dying. Also, a noteworthy method is to kite the monsters around so it will focus its aggressiveness on you rather than Ines herself. So in short, play it like how you play your normal tower defense games.

    3. Store
    Of course, Ledo isn't that easy to let you finish the dungeon without spending some hard earned gems. There is no coin revive like team dungeons and the only way is to either wait or spend 20 gems for instant respawn. Personally, I recommend instant respawn as every second counts in the dungeon, especially wave 15 onward where monsters spawn in numbers and hit like a truck. Just one player down can essentially kill the entire team because the monster will redirect the aggressiveness to them. The store can be accessed by clicking the house icon just above your skill pad. There are 3 parts to the store, used on Ines, Self and Team. To me, you will only need to use Heal Self, Heal Ines and Increase Armour for Ines, and for certain waves if you can spare buff your attack and armour. The rest are pretty useless. Most of the time you will find yourself using gems to buy instead of points (points are gotten by killing monsters). This will really depend on how powerful your party is and also the willingness to spend in the dungeon. But like I said (vip0 here btw) I highly recommend spending gems because even if you used 400 gems for 200 amber it is only 2 gems per amber compared to the 4.75 gems per amber in store.

    In short, I advice to not scrimp on gems on this part as the returns are by far the best in the game as of now. Also, I do recommend to find a standard party which have the same mentality as you in terms of spending (some aim for wave 15 while most aim to complete 20) so you will not have disputes within the party. Of course try to find people stronger than you if they do not mind that goes without saying. The rewards at the end will be more if you complete more waves which are all 4 cards at the end are available to be opened for a total of 135 additional amber. If you find this guide useful, please spread it around if newer players do not know what is going on, and save them from the insults which they undoubtedly will receive at the end of the day.

    Before I forget, a warm welcome to the world of amber-is-never-enough for players level 60 and above, and of course, if your party are averaging 250k per player you can just leave it at auto without much problems.
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