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  • Enhancement Guide

    Hi all, you can increase the flat stats and overall score on your equipments incrementally by using Enhancing Scrolls.

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    • Enhancing Scrolls are earned through farming scenarios.
    • Higher scenario difficulties usually corresponds with higher amount of Enhancing Scrolls dropped.
    • Use Energy and Instant Sweeping Tickets to enter dungeons. Sweeping Tickets are claimable everyday from Envoy of Gifts; the amount per day depends on VIP level. You can also use gems in place of Sweeping Tickets when you have none left or manually run through dungeons--you can set to auto.
    • Energy can be obtained by claiming from 20 friends (100), liking friends pages, finishing ten Arena Battles (30), claiming from Quartermaster twice per day (180), using Energy replenish item and by refilling using gem (limited by VIP level).
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    • To choose which scenarios to frequent, you should go to Mercenary page and aim to farm Mercenary Equipment.
    • When you +5, +10 and +15 each Mercenary, you earn a Collection System stats bonus so it is beneficial to rotate and work on all Mercenaries.
    • Max Enhancing level is capped to your player level.
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    Thank you for the explanation