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Amber Guide: Guard Ines and Prestige Medals

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  • Amber Guide: Guard Ines and Prestige Medals

    Star evolvement feature becomes unlocked for players who reach Lv.60. Amber is the material needed to upgrade equipment.
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    • Evolving your equipment allows you to increase stats by percentile amount, which drastically increases score.
    • You can receive amber rewards from completing Guard Ines daily with a team. Guard Ines feature is unlocked to Lv.60 players.
    • Amber may be exchanged from Prestige.
    • Amber is purchaseable at regular price in Store and at 20% off for up to 1000 per day. Additionally it is available at 40% off in VIP 10 Store on Fridays for a limited amount.
    • Color progression for evolvement goes as follows: White to Green to Blue to Purple to Orange to Gold to Pink to Red.
    • Ring and Necklace can be further evolved at higher Unsealings.
    • Lv. 60 equipment can at most be upgraded to Orange 8-star. In order to achieve Gold and Pink star, you need to equip Lv. 70 gear.
    • Star evolvements are inherited and stay same when you equip new gear onto your currently equipped gear.
    • Additionally, Set bonuses are earned when eight equipments reach Blue 8-Star, Purple 8-Star, Orange 4-Star, Orange 8-Star, Gold 4-Star, Gold 8-Star and when ten equipments reach Pink 4-Star, Pink 8-Star.
    Guard Ines
    • Please gather as four players with diverse class and utility. Instead of overlapping class, try to find Paladin, Frost Mage, Soothsayer, Deadshot, etc. characters that are opposite and different.
    • Each player then has a specific function and affinity. Paladins are more adept at pulling monsters; Priests can serve to stun and nuke and Deadshots can lockdown and daze, for example.
    • The goal is to survive 20 waves with increasing difficulty after every wave.
    • Points are earned from defeating monsters which can then be used in the in-dungeon Supply. With points, you can self-buff, heal, provide team totems and also buff and heal Ines. Additionally, gems can be used if points value is insufficient.
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    • To help with survivability, Ines' Armor should be increased and healed appropriately when health is low.
    • High DPS class should self damage buff and aggro class should self defense buff. However, consider redundancy: Priest already has AOE damage buff, Paladins already have inbuilt defensive buff and Soothsayers can provide heals.
    • Team totems are locally placed circles at time of selection, so players need to be close together to benefit.
    • Ines will call for help--"I need your help, Brave Warriors," when monsters are in proximity to her.
    • Some of the most difficult stages include wave 13 where Skeletons spawn near boss immediately, wave 15 where an Orc boss has high damage capability and wave 19 where a large amount of Bear mobs swarm towards Ines. For these stages, it is best to buff right before and to lure mobs away from Ines. Instead of tanking monsters, it would prove more successful to continuously kite them.
    • Players can gem revive upon death or wait for timer to instant revive. Additionally, if all players in team die, all will simultaneously be revived as long as Ines' health has not reached zero.
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    • There will be additional Amber rewards per waves defeated and EXP rewards distributed based on players' Damage Rank contribution.
    • Prestige Medals drop when you complete 3-2-2 Team Dungeons, Mercenary Quests, Dragon Quests or Building Luxis when someone in team is at minimum 5 levels below your level.
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    • Every day players can earn up to 15 Prestige Medals which is equivalent to 1500 Prestige points.
    • Prestige can be redeemed for Faction Medal, Enhancing Scrolls or Amber. However, amber should be prioritized because it increases gear score most efficiently.
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      Looks Great Julie! Keep up the good work.


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        Hi Guys,
        I have a doubt.
        Some times in Ines i earn 176 ambar, max 182! But i already saw some players earn 188, max 199 ambars.
        How can i earn more ambar in Ines?
        I always stay in 1 or 2 hank position.


        • WinterHymns
          WinterHymns commented
          Editing a comment
          It is random, but I believe the timing used to clear affects the result as well, and not necessary rank 1 will be rewarded with higher amber.

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        Nice post...