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Christmas Event Guide

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  • Christmas Event Guide

    Event Time: 22/12/2015 00:00:00 to 4/1/2016 23:59:59

    Christmas Pack
    • Login daily during the event period to claim Christmas Pack, which includes Mercenary Rune Crate, Enhancing Scroll, Amber, Lvl.3 Skill Stone, Golden apples and many other items.
    Christmas Quest
    • Within the event period, you can claim one Christmas Quest once per day. Complete the quest for coins, XP, golden apples and other items.
    Golden Apple & Golden Apple Store
    • How to win Golden Apples
      • Dungeon Quest: Fairy Tale Journey, Save the Reindeers
      • Holiday Pack
      • Evil Dragon dungeon and Team dungeon
      • PvP (Killing enemy faction members in Burning Moor or Death Desert)
      • Demon Raid
    • What to do with the Golden Apples
      • Trade golden apples for gift packs in Golden Apple Store
    • Golden Apple Store
      • Trade golden apples into Holiday Pack, which includes: Residual Pact: Mace, Mercenary Rune Crate, etc.
      • Purchase limited edition Discounted Pack and Value Pack, which include: Orange Mercenary fragments, Lvl.4 Skill Stone, etc.

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    Unfortunately we are not getting drop of golden apples from demon raid, evil dungn and team dungeon.. 😭😭😭


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      thanks for the share


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