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    Thus, in Pro Test 180 worst case, 7.99% single sugar or 7.99g single Pro Test 180 sugar could be included, which would still be much for such a product (slightly less than Coke per 100ml)! But Pro Test 180 exact look at Pro Test 180 list of ingredients will tell us just how much sugar, proteins and fats are contained! List of macaroni We go here on Pro Test 180 order of magnitude of 100g. Pro Test 180 cup itself contains a little less than Pro Test 180 double (175g portion size): (Kcal): 141 Protein: 3,8g Carbohydrate: 17,0g - including sugar: 11,0g Fat: 6,4g Of which saturated fat: 4,3g Dietary fiber: 0,3g Sodium: 0,06g On Pro Test 180 list of macronutrients you can also find out how many dietary fibers and how much sodium (salt) are contained in one product! -